Surface Tolerant Epoxy Mastic paint is a high solid epoxy coating that has excellent anti-corrosive properties in severe corrosive situations. These coatings are compatible with aged coatings and have good adhesion to St3 prepared steel substrates.

Surface tolerant epoxy coatings are specially formulated to be applied over surfaces with minimal or no surface preparation. Sometimes it is impossible to prepare the surface and remove rust. For these cases, epoxy mastic coatings are very suitable. Here are some properties of them:


epoxy mastic paint - surface tolerant paint


  • Excellent anti-corrosive protection
  • Useful for industrial and marine environments
  • Good adhesion to aged coatings and non-optimal surfaces


These coatings usually can be used as a primer, mid-coat, and finish coat or as a single coat system in atmospheric and immersed environments. The following can be used for protection by these kinds of epoxy:


  • Marine ships (Underwater hull, ballast tanks, …)
  • Offshore structures (like splash zone areas, …)
  • Plants, refineries, mining equipment, …


mastic surface tolerant - epoxy coating


IriPower is a high solid epoxy mastic that is designed to protect your assets from corrosion. This product is a high-performance paint that provides long-term protection and is compatible with minimal surface preparation.


IriMaster is also a two-pack epoxy mastic with aluminum flakes. It is a high solid and surface-tolerant coating with excellent water resistance and good corrosion protection that is designed for steel structures where optimum surface preparation is not possible.


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epoxy surface tolerant - epoxy mastic