Sometimes structures are exposed to corrosive environments, so protecting them against damage and corrosion is much important. According to the type of substrate and application of the structure, different paint systems would be used. The performance of the protective coatings depends widely on the paint system.

Reservoir Tanks often should be coated in order not to be corroded. For this, a zinc-rich epoxy primer usually is used. Zinc-rich epoxy primers with cathodic protection, reduce the speed of corrosion of the surface. An MIO intermediate epoxy primer is used as the second layer to prevent the permeation of corrosive ions. As a topcoat, polyurethane coatings have excellent color retention, gloss, and UV resistance.



For offshore structures, our glass flake epoxy coatings are the choice (especially for splash zones). These coatings make a barrier layer and adhere to the substrate strongly.

Sometimes, structures are in contact with chemicals like acids, solvents, basis, and …. Epoxy phenolic paint with good chemical resistance and suitable for these cases.


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