Protecting vessels against corrosion in harsh marine environments is very important and necessary. Marine coatings are widely used as protective coatings to protect ships, vessels, tanks, and other structures from seawater.

There are many different vessel areas and so for each area, a special product is needed. For the underwater hull area of a vessel, an excellent anti-corrosive primer should be used. On the other hand, to prevent the accumulation of micro-organisms, anti-fouling paints are desired to save your money and reducing fuel consumption.

The other areas in vessels are ballast tanks that are in contact with the corrosive environment, so Epoxy Mastic coatings are suitable for excellent protection. These epoxy coatings are surface-tolerant and can be used for areas where maximum surface preparation is not possible.


Our wide range of products will supply your demands for both dry docking and onboard maintenance (sea stock paints).


Marine paints for dry-docking:

Whenever you want to protect valuable assets and reduce ongoing maintenance costs of vessels with our marine coatings.


marine paint - dry dock


Sea stock paints:

Sometimes you don’t have time anymore for docking, so your crew can do shipboard maintenance with our user-friendly and easy-to-apply sea stock paints. With this plan, you will be achieved to cost-effective maintenance at sea.

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marine paints - onboard maintenance