Heat Resistant Coatings are widely used to protect assets and reduce downtime. They are specially designed to achieve protection against corrosion and withstand extremely high temperatures in industries like petrochemical, power plants, oil & gas, and so on.


IRIS heat resistant paints include IriTherm250, IriTherm400, IriTherm600.

These are some benefits of heat resistant coatings:

  •  Easy to apply and user-friendly
  •  IriTherm250 is available in many color shades
  •  Good color retention and finish
  •  IriTherm400 and IriTherm600 can be applied directly on the steel for maximum performance
  •  They can be applied on IriSil (Zinc Ethyl Silicate Primer) if better resistance against corrosion is desired.


silicone paint - heat resistant coating


Coatings formulated based on silicone resins withstand temperatures without being destroyed or suffering adhesion failure. Here are some examples that heat resistant paints are used:

  • Pipelines
  •  Exhaust Pipes
  • Funnels
  • Heat Shields

For more information read the Technical Data Sheets of IRIS heat resistant paints. To give the best advice contact us.

heat resistant coating- funnel