Warehouse steel structures should be protected from corrosion and beautiful. Being a new construction or not is important for painting, however, Darya Tamin has solutions for both. It is better to be a new construction because of less need for later maintenance but when maintenance is needed, applying with brush and roller will be important.


In comparison to other cases like tank lining, warehouses may have to tolerate heat and chemicals. However, corrosion resistance is needed because your structures are the base of your job.


epoxy coatings - for warehouses


IRIS with a wide range of products is here beside you for this. IriCo is an alkyd paint that is specially designed for warehouses. Its benefits are:

  • Easy to Apply
  • Cost-Effective
  • Good Durability
  • Available in many color shades

For environments with higher corrosion rates, IriZinc series that are zinc content epoxy primers have excellent corrosion resistance. Our epoxy flooring systems are also available that have good abrasion resistance.


If your warehouse is at the exposure to chemical materials, IriNol is a good choice. So according to your request, our products are here to answer them perfectly as soon as possible.


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warehouses painting - anticorrosive primer