Micaceous iron oxide (MIO) paint is a two-pack polyamide cured epoxy primer/intermediate that has excellent water resistance due to the lamellar shape of MIO anti-corrosive pigment. These paints can be used as a primer or intermediate coat in epoxy paint systems for offshore and onshore structures and be applied on tanks, bridges, and ….

– Excellent abrasion and impact resistance
– Excellent barrier coating for steel structures
– Can be used as primer or intermediate
– Good resistance to the permeability of moisture, water, corrosive ions, and ….


mio epoxy paint - epoxy mio coating


Because of its good performance against corrosion, it can be used for:

– Storage tanks
– Bridges
– Power plants
– Petrochemical plants
– Steel structures, …

Whenever it is used for exteriors, it is necessary to be coated with polyurethane paints to avoid chalking. For example, it is usual to apply a zinc-rich primer for storage tanks then apply an intermediate MIO epoxy coat and after that, a layer of polyurethane coating.

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epoxy mio intermediate - micaceous iron oxide