Epoxy Phenolic coating is a polyamine cured paint that has excellent resistance against solvents, chemicals, acids, and bases. It can be used as a protective coating for steel structures where chemical resistance and heat resistance up to 180 C is required.

When these paints are cured, a high density of crosslinking through thermosetting is produced, so it creates an excellent resistant layer against chemicals. These coatings are frequently used as coatings for tank lining, pipes, drums, etc.


chemical & heat resistant coating - epoxy phenolic


Here are some outstanding properties of these coatings:

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Heat resistance up to 160° C
  • Good flow properties

IriNol & IriGuard are two products of Darya Tamin Company which is specially formulated for areas that are exposed to chemical substances. IriNol makes a low adsorbed, smooth, and easy to clean coat that is suitable for special cargo and storage tanks. Also, IriGuard has good flow properties resulting in to clean surface and reduces the possibility of cargo adsorption. Heat resistance of IriGuard is up to 160° C.


To choose the best paint system, it is necessary to know the type of chemicals, their concentration, and practical temperature. For more information contact our experts.


epoxy phenolic - chemical resistant tank coating