Offshore structures are usually exposed to severe corrosive environments including UV radiation, ice floats, waves, wet and dry cycles. These structures are installed in water so it is not possible to repair whenever you want.


The splash zone areas of an offshore asset suffer from atmospheric and immersion-type corrosion, as well as abrasion and impact damage.


offsore structures - protective coatings


Darya Tamin is a provider of high-quality systems for these surfaces by its wide range of products. As proof of protective performance, these products are tried to be complied to Norsok standards. Here are some properties of IRIS products:

  • Excellent impact and abrasion resistance
  • High solids, high build (IriGlass)
  • Good durability and excellent corrosion resistance


protective coatings - offshore coatings


Steel therefore has to be protected against corrosion. Anti-corrosive paint systems typically are made up of several layers. To obtain a long-life coating system, often the first step is to apply zinc rich primers as they provide excellent corrosion protection. IriZinc series of IRIS products are in this category.


Also, IriGlass is a high solid glass flake epoxy paint. When cured, the high crosslink density results in an excellent barrier against penetration of water and other corrosive agents. It is suitable to be used on splash zones.


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