Heat Resistant Coatings, Reliable Coating for your assets

Heat Resistant Coatings are widely used to protect assets and reduce downtime. They are specially designed to achieve protection against corrosion and withstand extremely high temperatures in industries like petrochemical, power plants, oil & gas, and so on.


IRIS heat resistant paints include IriTherm250, IriTherm400, IriTherm600.

These are some benefits of heat […]

Protective and industrial coatings for metal substrates| IRIS Paint

Sometimes structures are exposed to corrosive environments, so protecting them against damage and corrosion is much important. According to the type of substrate and application of the structure, different paint systems would be used. The performance of the protective coatings depends widely on the paint system.

Reservoir Tanks often should be […]

Marine Coatings For Vessels, Protection against corrosion

Protecting vessels against corrosion in harsh marine environments is very important and necessary. Marine coatings are widely used as protective coatings to protect ships, vessels, tanks, and other structures from seawater.

There are many different vessel areas and so for each area, a special product is needed. For the underwater hull […]

Zinc phosphate epoxy primers for metal substrates

Anti-corrosion primers that have been pigmented with zinc phosphate are nowadays used for protecting metal surfaces from corrosion. Zinc phosphate epoxy primers are two-pack polyamide cured epoxy coatings. They have excellent corrosion resistance in marine and industrial atmospheric exposure. IriZip is a polyamide cured epoxy coating that can be used […]

MIO Epoxy Intermediate Paint, Protective Coatings

Micaceous iron oxide (MIO) paint is a two-pack polyamide cured epoxy primer/intermediate that has excellent water resistance due to the lamellar shape of MIO anti-corrosive pigment. These paints can be used as a primer or intermediate coat in epoxy paint systems for offshore and onshore structures and be applied on […]

Offshore Coatings for Protection of Structures

Offshore structures are usually exposed to severe corrosive environments including UV radiation, ice floats, waves, wet and dry cycles. These structures are installed in water so it is not possible to repair whenever you want.


The splash zone areas of an offshore asset suffer from atmospheric and immersion-type corrosion, as well […]

Onboard Maintenance Plan (sea stock paints)

Vessels are often in corrosive environments which cause corrosion and damage. These vessels should be protected with minimum cost and be in good visual conditions. Their overall repair is so expensive and will waste your time. This plan gives you the best suggestions for painting different areas of ships to […]

Zinc Ethyl Silicate Coatings,Corrosion & Heat Resistance

Zinc Ethyl Silicate paints are inorganic coatings that have good heat & corrosion resistance. The zinc dust in these coatings will protect the metal substrates by cathodic protection (sacrificial anode). Zinc Ethyl silicate paints adhere to the surface strongly and make a barrier layer that no corrosive substances will penetrate […]

Sea Stock Paints for Ship Board Maintenance

Keeping your ship in good condition while it is at sea will be easily achieved by sea stock paints. You and your crew know that without an onboard maintenance chart it is complicated to paint different areas of your vessel and protect them from corrosion. So, Darya Tamin with its […]

Epoxy Phenolic Coatings with Good Chemical Resistance


Epoxy Phenolic coating is a polyamine cured paint that has excellent resistance against solvents, chemicals, acids, and bases. It can be used as a protective coating for steel structures where chemical resistance and heat resistance up to 180 C is required.

When these paints are cured, a high density of crosslinking […]