Sea Stock Paints for Ship Board Maintenance

Keeping your ship in good condition while it is at sea will be easily achieved by sea stock paints. You and your crew know that without an onboard maintenance chart it is complicated to paint different areas of your vessel and protect them from corrosion. So, Darya Tamin with its […]

Epoxy Phenolic Coatings with Good Chemical Resistance


Epoxy Phenolic coating is a polyamine cured paint that has excellent resistance against solvents, chemicals, acids, and bases. It can be used as a protective coating for steel structures where chemical resistance and heat resistance up to 180 C is required.

When these paints are cured, a high density of crosslinking […]

Surface Tolerant Epoxy Mastic Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Surface Tolerant Epoxy Mastic paint is a high solid epoxy coating that has excellent anti-corrosive properties in severe corrosive situations. These coatings are compatible with aged coatings and have good adhesion to St3 prepared steel substrates.

Surface tolerant epoxy coatings are specially formulated to be applied over surfaces with minimal or […]

Warehouses, How to Protect and Beautify

Warehouse steel structures should be protected from corrosion and beautiful. Being a new construction or not is important for painting, however, Darya Tamin has solutions for both. It is better to be a new construction because of less need for later maintenance but when maintenance is needed, applying with brush […]

Offshore Coatings for Protection of Structures

Offshore structures are usually exposed to a severe corrosive environment including UV radiation, ice floats, waves, wet and dry cycles. These structures are installed in water so it is not possible to repair whenever you want.


The splash zone areas of an offshore asset suffer from atmospheric and immersion-type corrosion, as […]

Potable Water Tank Coating, Health & Protection Together

To protect your fresh water tanks from corrosion, two-component solvent-free epoxy coatings are produced for you. All vessels have water tanks to store potable drinking water. Also, in some industries, this type of coating is widely used.

These coatings are specially formulated for steel and concrete potable water tank protection. They […]

Decorative Paints, Beauty and Sense You will Enjoy

Architectural paints are used for painting interior & exterior areas of your private home, office building, etc. You can renew your living ambiance with IRIS options. By using decorative paints you can relax cool in summer & enjoy from a comfortable and warm home in winter.


Here are many developed products […]

Glass Flake Epoxy Coatings, Protection of Structures

Glass Flake Epoxy Paints are anti-corrosive coatings that protect structures against corrosion. Anti-corrosive glass flake pigments protect the substrates because there are so many tightly overlapping glass flakes in the coating which resist the permeation of gases and liquids is quite high relative to other types of coatings such as […]

Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer, an Anti-corrosive Organic Coating

Zinc-rich epoxy paint is designed as a primer in coating systems where excellent durability is needed.

They provide good corrosion resistance by cathodic protection. Zinc dust will sacrifice itself and protect the steel substrate which becomes the cathode.

Here are some outstanding  characteristics of zinc-rich epoxy primers:

  • Provides cathodic protection
  • Suitable as […]

Tank Lining Coatings for Industry, Corrosion & Chemical Resistant

Nowadays, tank coatings are widely used to protect the internal and external surfaces of tanks including different materials like potable water, acidic or alkaline chemical liquids, oil, etc. No matter what is stored in your tank, our various products keep the contents safe inside.

Tank linings systems are available for different […]