Keeping your ship in good condition while it is at sea will be easily achieved by sea stock paints. You and your crew know that without an onboard maintenance chart it is complicated to paint different areas of your vessel and protect them from corrosion. So, Darya Tamin with its sea stock paints is beside you to give the best result.

Here are some benefits of using sea stock paints:

  • Saving more money and controlling your budget
  • Increasing your vessel efficiency
  • Saving time and reducing dry dock costs
  • Crew education and liveliness


seastock paint - ship board maintenance


Onboard maintenance charts are specially designed to simplify onboard coatings management for each vessel that can be used as an easy-to-follow point of reference in the vessel’s paint locker. According to the area of use and required life-time, one of these types of paints can be utilized:


1- One-component (Alkyd Paints)

They have benefits of below:

  • Good durability color retention
  • Easy to apply
  • Available in different color shades


2- Two-component
They also have benefits such as:

  •  Excellent durability & weathering
  • Good anti-corrosion resistance for primers
  • Protective steel in harsh corrosive environments
  • Compatible with aged coatings and minimum surface preparation
  • Good adhesion to substrates

With our planned shipboard maintenance chart and high-quality paints, you yourself will be calm and your vessel will be superb and beautiful forever. Contact us.


seastock paint - onboard maintenance chart