This product is a modified chlorinated rubber finish coat. IriRuber™ has good durability and leveling properties. It is used as a gloss finish for boottop, topsides, decks and superstructures in severe corrosive marine conditions. The product is easy to apply and offers excellent color retention. IriRuber™ can be used on other IRIS anticorrosive coating systems. The product is available in many color shades.

• Solids by volume                           30 ± 1%     Pure white (may vary due to shade difference)
• Density                                         1.15 ± 0.05 Kg/Lit       (may vary due to shade difference)
• Flashpoint                                      >25ºC
• Colors/ Finish                                 Pure white / Gloss
• Mixing ratio                                    Single pack
• Suitable Thinner/Cleaner                  IriThin22

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