IriDeck™ is a two-pack, polyamine cured, high solid epoxy coating that boosted by special pigments to reach an excellent abrasive and corrosion-resistant coating. IriDeck™ is exactly formulated for areas where have severe abrasion and corrosion together such as the deck, helideck, holds and outside hull of the vessels. This product also is compatible with cathodic protection systems.

• Solids by volume                                76 ± 1%
• Density                                               1.45 ± 0.05 Kg/Lit
• Flashpoint                                          >25ºC
• Colors/ Finish                                    Grey, Brown /Semi-gloss
• Mixing ratio                                       Base to Hardener 80 to 20 (by volume)
• Suitable Thinner/Cleaner                   IriThin33

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