This product is a high quality water-based decorative-protective acrylic paint. It provides a good hiding power and quick dry coating, and makes a smooth, even, and durable surface on the exterior areas. Due to the suitable properties such as perfect adhesion, color and shine retention, and suitable chemical and weathering resistance, this product is used for long term protection of new and painted surfaces in outdoor areas. It provides a highly durable coat to the surfaces where surface preparation and primer application are done properly. The product is used for outdoor applications on concrete, brick, cement, plaster, render, wooden, and asbestos surfaces as well as painting commercial, office, and residential buildings. It can be
used for indoor applications as well.

•Solids by volume                           53 ±1%
• Density                                       1.60 ± 0.05 Kg/Lit
• Flashpoint                                   >35ºC
• Colors/Finish                                White(Available in different color shades)/Matt

• Mixing ratio                                 Single pack
• Suitable Thinner/Cleaner               Water

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