This product is a water-based acrylic sealer. This sealer penetrates well into porous and permeable surfaces and provides a durable substrate for applying subsequent layers of the coating system. Considering the desired drying time, this sealer makes it possible to speed up application of the subsequent layers. Perfect adhesion, suitable alkali resistance, ease of application, and being odorless and eco-friendly are the other properties of this product that make it an ideal surface preparation material. The product is used as a surface preparation material to reinforce and stabilize the painted surface. It is used to furbish and prepare plaster, cement, brick, rendered, wooden, and asbestos wall or ceiling surfaces of residential buildings, apartments, commercial centers, offices, etc.

• Solids by volume                           9.5 ±1%
• Density                                       1.0 ± 0.05 Kg/Lit
• Flashpoint                                   >35ºC
• Colors/Finish                              Transparent / Matt

• Mixing ratio                                 Single pack
• Suitable Thinner/Cleaner               Water(No t required to dilute with water)

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