This high gloss paint is based on long oil alkyd resin and has good adhesion on steel, brick, wooden and plaster surfaces. This alkyd enamel is designed to give excellent service on the interior and exterior surfaces that require frequent washing. It forms a tough, durable film that is ideal for coating kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, entryways. It is recommended for either residential or commercial application. The product is available in many color shades.

• Solids by volume                              44 ± 1% (Pure White) (vary due to different shades)
• Density                                           1.11 ± 0.05 Kg/Lit (vary due to different shades)
• Flashpoint                                       >35ºC
• Colors/Finish                                    Pure White / Gloss
(The product is available in many color shades)
• Mixing ratio                                     Single pack
• Suitable Thinner/Cleaner                   IriThin11

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