IriPrime660™ is a two-pack polyamide cured epoxy that is used as an excellent anticorrosive primer in marine and industrial conditions. This product can be applied on inorganic zinc silicates as a tiecoat. IriPrime660™ has no toxic pigments and compatible with a wide range of IRIS® coating systems.


A two-pack polyamide cured epoxy coating that is suitable for atmospheric and marine conditions as an intermediate and matt final coat. The product is especially suitable as an intermediate coat between organic and inorganic zinc-rich primers and the final topcoat. It can be recoated with all IRIS® top coats.


A modified two-pack epoxy tie-coat or sealer that is specially formulated for IRIS® antifouling systems. This sealer improves the adhesion of subsequent all kinds of antifouling systems. Also, it can be used as a tie coat for other IRIS® finishing systems such as polyurethane topcoats.