Epoxy paints

Epoxy resins are one of the best and most unique resins in the production of industrial and marine paints, which due to their high adhesion and resistance to chemicals and corrosion, is a good option for protection against corrosion of metals. In the following, you can see the technical information of epoxy paints of Transocean Company, which has been produced using a wide range of functional pigments and provides a suitable choice for protecting the equipment against harsh marine environments.

Polyurethane paints

One of the major problems with epoxy coatings is their poor resistance to sunlight and ultraviolet rays. For this, a layer of polyurethane coating is used after applying the epoxy paint.

Alkyd paints

One-component alkyd paints are among the oldest and also the most suitable coatings for applying with brush and rollers for touch-up.

Silicone & Ethyl silicate paints

These paints are produced using the best inorganic resins in the world and high-performance pigments against corrosion such as zinc dust and aluminum paste. They have good thermal resistance and anti-corrosion properties.

Anti-fouling paints

These paints have a special technology that mainly includes a specialized resin and biocides that are released from the coating over time and in contact with seawater and prevent the growth of microorganisms on the underwater hull of vessels.